Course Calendar

Reading Sequence

15 Jan: Week One
Sprague: The Older Sophists
Detienne: The Masters of Truth in Archaic Greece

22 Jan: Week Two
Plato: Protagoras
Plato: Phaedrus
Aristotle: On Sophistical Refutations
Waeger: Selections from Paideia I (Book II, Chapter 3&5); Paideia III (Chapter 8.) Aristophanes: The Clouds

29 Jan: Week Three
Isocrates: Selections from Isocrates I
Waeger: Selections from Paideia III (Chapters 2-6)

5 Feb: Week Four
Hegel: Selections from Lessons on the Philosophy of History I
Marx: Selections from Writings of the Young Marx

12 Feb: Week Five
Foucault: Fearless Speech
Foucault: “Discourse on Language”
Derrida: White Mythology

19 Feb: Week Six
Stengers: The Invention of Modern Science

26 Feb: Week Seven
Deleuze: The Logic of Sense

4 March: Week Eight
Leroi-Gourhan: Gesture and Speech

18 March: Week Nine
Steigler: Technics and Time I

25 March: Week Ten
Nealon: Foucault Beyond Foucault
Marx: Fragment on Machines

1 April: Week Eleven
Galloway: Protocol

8 April: Week Twelve
Zizek: The Plague of Fantasies

15 April: Week Thirteen
Bataille: Selections from Visions of Excess


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