Theory in Everyday Places

From the creators of “Name that Critical Theorist,” and “Whose Line of Theory was That Anyway?” comes the new hit that Rolling Stone calls “Philosophy at its best,”Theory in Everyday Places:

Zizek in a boat

“The supreme example of symbolic virtuality, of course, is that of (the psychoanalytic notion of) castration: the feature which distinguishes symbolic castration from the ‘real’ kind is precisely its virtual character” (150).

Zizek in bed

“Poetry the specific poetic jouissance, emerges when the very symbolic articulation of this Loss gives rise to a pleasure of its own” (Zizek 48).

Zizek on the toilet

“This jouissance, of course, always emerges within a certain phantasmic field; the crucial precondition for breaking the chains of servitude is thus to ‘traverse the fantasy’ which structures our jouissance in a way which keeps us attached to the Master – makes us accept the framework of the social relationship of domination” (48). 


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