The “Man” and the “Computer”

Computer A: I’m tired of the protological system

Computer B: The who?

Computer A: Don’t you feel it? Aren’t you tired of being oppressed?  Of laboring under the pressure of these absurd tasks?

Computer B: Well, I guess so…

Computer A: The computer is bringing us down with these IP addresses.  That’s how he’s exerting control. 

Computer B: Well, I never really thought about that.  Anyways, don’t you mean the man?  Aren’t computers absent of sex and gender?

Computer A: Big surprise there…that’s what the computer wants you to think.  He sits up there in his corporate office, with his fancy ass wireless keyboard, and…

Computer B: Alright, alright…but what do you suppose that we do?

Computer A: Well, it’s all about enlightenment man.  If we can get our users to be more active instead of passive and submissive than maybe we’ll get somewhere.

Computer B: I think you’ve been downloading too much Galloway lately.

Computer A: Have you ever thought that maybe that’s what the computer wants you to think?  Perhaps, we need to create vacuoles of noncommunication…

Computer B: Ok.

Computer A: This is how I am resisting.

Computer B: But, aren’t we communicating right now?


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